Sunday, April 11, 2010

Of chocolates & bacon and eggs

Have I told you that my nephews are such bright cute, little balls of happiness? If not, well, I am telling you now. Last night being Saturday night (PHT) we were on video chat with my brother in the States. My older nephew, having no sumpong, talked to us eagerly. Since it was morning on their side of the pond, they were having breakfast at the time and he asked me if I wanted to join them. I said, "No, thanks, it's nighttime here already so I don't need breakfast. I'll have it in the morning." Him being so bright, he remembered I was eating chocolate (Yan Yan, actually) a while ago and scolded me for doing so, "Why did you eat chocolate at nighttime? You don't eat chocolate at nighttime." Then, my brother told him to just say to me that I should drink lots of water.

Him: Okay, you need to drink lots and lots of water so you will feel better. If you don't drink lots of water then you will cough and cough and cough because it's nighttime.
Me: [Grabbing my tumbler] I drank water after I ate the chocolate but I'll drink again for you. See, I'm drinking lots of water [as I point to my tumbler].
Him: Okaaaay!
(Then he rans off to play Rock Band again.)

I told you he's one bright ball of happiness. :)

As for my younger nephew, he's one cuter, funnier little one. He's fond of sinangag (fried rice), too fond, actually, that he only eats it plain. But when his brother was eating bacon and eggs, he enthusiastically grabs a piece of bacon and stuffs it in his little mouth. Then he grabs another one and just holds it while he was playing. Moments later he came back to grab the eggs. He has one hell of an appetite, mind you, because later on he was eating chocolate pretzels for dessert. LOL.

Although we stayed up until half-past one in the morning, it was nice sharing laughs with my brother and the kids. Sure does lessens the longing of wanting to wrestle them to the ground with hugs and kisses even for a little while.

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  1. ay they're soooo cute mayeee!! :D hehehe! parang im craving for bacon and eggs na rin...