Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One time fun time

So guess what? After numerous failed attempts in the past year, today I actually got to meet up with one of my online friends, Romina. (Finally!!!) Yes, I do feel a sense of satisfaction in this little "achievement" of mine. LOL. It's fate I tell you. She texted me this morning and I wasn't able to respond because I forgot that I had no load the night before. But good thing she passed right where I was standing by. Yup, definitely fate.

And who could have thought that we would be able to bond over breakfast? I didn't. Thanks, Uncle Bob for that. Haha. It feels so nice to finally get to talk with her in person after only talking to her through internet and text for so long. :)

Let me scratch this post's title though, 'cause this definitely won't be the first and last time that we'll get to hang out IRL since we now go to the same university. Cheers to more fun times together! I hope Candice will get to tag along the next time!


  1. Yay, I'm so glad we got to meet up! :) Till next time. I'll show you my sched. Gawd, I only get an hour for a free period, an hour and a half for other days.

    Woo. :))))))

  2. OMGEEEE ang astig nito :""""""">
    And yes sana nga si Candice makasama na! Mga UST people :D

    Enjoy your time! :)