Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Taylor Swift Experience

Hi!! I've been so busy after the weekend that I haven't had the time to blog about the Taylor Swift concert! Before I go to bed, let me just share with you what happened that amazing Saturday.

My friends and I met up at UST and we arrived at Araneta at around 3 PM. We saw that there were already loads of people in line so we went straight to the GA gate and found out that, yes, there was already a line, a very, very long one. So we went in line and after some several minutes, they started letting people in. We still had to wait in line inside though, because they can't let people get in the arena itself until 6.

Fast forward to Sam Concepcion (opening act). When the lights went down and he came out, the arena went nuts. It was sooooo loud!!! He sang Yeah 3x by Chris Brown, Kung Fu Fighting, his song Even If and Firework by Katy Perry which he dedicated to Taylor.

Around 45 minutes after his set, it was finally time to see Taylor. When we saw her, we just started going crazy. Everyone was screaming and once she started "Sparks Fly," all we can really hear was our own voices screaming out the lyrics. It was a blast! She definitely put on a fantastic show. I loved how she knew several Filipino words as she welcomed us to the Speak Now Tour with a "Magandang gabi Manila!" and even said "Salamat!" to the applauding crowd. :)

One of my favorite parts of the show was when she did "The Story of Us." She had this really nice intro about how we all experience love and heartbreak, no matter how far we live from each other, the different languages we speak. Then she said something like, "No matter what love and heartbreak throw at me, it's gonna be alright!" And cue the unending shrieks and screams. I also loved the whole "Speak Now" choreography! She wore a blue dress and she also had white gloves on and she was dancing with Liz and Caitlin. It was so cute!

We prepared a banner!

Waiting in line

There's Taylor!

Singing "Speak Now"

Playing the ukelele during "Fearless"

Too bad we weren't lucky to get a pass to the T-Party but I guess it just isn't time for us yet to meet Taylor. I hope during her next tour we'll finally get the chance to be enchanted. ;)

Here's a video blog from Taylor herself chronicling the whole of her Asian tour including her stop in Manila:

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