Monday, July 4, 2011

Beyonce's Year of 4

I love watching documentaries. I love learning about people, most especially their thoughts and how they live their lives. But documentaries are extra special for me when they're about music or one of my favorite artists. I found out that Beyonce's new MTV special called "Year of 4" about her fourth studio album, which is appropriately entitled 4, was posted on her YouTube page so I immediately dropped what I was doing and watched it, even though it was set to air on MTV Asia on July 6.

When artists such as Beyonce talk about their passion for what they do, it's really inspiring. At the same time, personally, it makes me quite sad how I don't have the luxury to just go and pursue what I really want to do. But nevertheless, it gives me a glint of hope that I can still do it (once I already have enough savings) in the future. A couple weeks ago I also had the chance to watch an MTV special called "Inside the Outside" featuring Lady GaGa (which I intended to blog about but forgot eventually) and what I got from it was the same thing: inspiration. Also, as I've said I am so enthralled by people that I want to learn about them and their lives (not in a stalkerish way, mind you).

Anyway, "Year of 4" is kind of an introduction to this new era in Beyonce's musical career. It shows what she's done on her Eat, Pray, Love-inspired vacation during her one-year hiatus. We can also get an understanding of how grueling it is to shoot a music video. Most importantly, in between all of this, we see a more personal side of Queen B.

In my opinion, the new album, 4, is great. It's true to what B says, that this doesn't sound like any of her previous records. She's said that after taking over her business, she also decided to take artistic control over her music which we can clearly see on 4. But like any other one of her past albums, there are those one or two stand-out songs that I can't help but sing very loudly to.

  Best Thing I Never Had by BeyoncĂ©

This one is the follow-up single to "Run The World (Girls)" and is looking to be like the new girl anthem of sorts with lyrics like I'm so over you/So baby good lookin' out/I wanted you bad/I'm so through with that/Cause honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had.

  Beyonce - Love On Top by zokerx

Now I dare you to listen to this song and not dance to the beat! This is me and my friend's (who is a huge Beyonce fan) favorite track from the album! Honey, honey!

If you've listened to Beyonce's new album, what's your favorite song from it? :)

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