Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye, Chuck!

If there's one show who's good (great, actually) at doing endings, it has to be Chuck. Since they never knew on the fly whether they'll get canceled or not every season that there has been, each season finale was always written as if it was the last episode that will air. As a big fan, I'm glad the show had the chance to do a proper goodbye on their own terms and they did it amazingly.

After watching the very jam-packed (action- and emotion-filled, with the right amount of comedy in between) finale, I couldn't help but google some post-finale blogs/write-ups to help me cope with the sudden loss. While reading and nodding to every word they said, I'm just like, why do I get so invested in these things? You know why? Because they're not just mere TV shows, they're not just there to entertain you. They actually teach you lessons in life and love and heartbreak and simply everything in between. And they make you soft on the inside, and if you're already soft, they make you softer and softer that you end up being just gooey in the end, like me, but I love it.

Even though I did not get the ending I was expecting, I actually loved every minute of the 2-hour finale. I had to pause almost 3/4 in the first half because I simply couldn't take it. When I resumed watching and continued on to the final chapter, it became a full-on sob fest! I'm not even ashamed to admit that I cried like a freaking baby up until the closing.

If you haven't seen the last two episodes or have any interest in starting to watch the series, please, for the love of Buy More and Subway sandwiches, do not read more!

I'd like to believe that what happened afterwards is that Chuck and Sarah started over with their relationship and then Sarah's memories will come back to her one by one which will then make their relationship/marriage stronger. And then they will start having those babies and live in their dream house with the red door and the white picket fence.

So here's something that I took away from the final moments of Chuck and Sarah, to which I think every Chuck fan would agree, taken from a "farewell" recap from the Huffington Post: "[...] No memory wipe can take away how people change you, and Chuck had changed Sarah. And, of course, vice versa. And that was the lovely subtext of the finale: The people we love have an effect on our lives, an effect that nothing can ever take away, not even super-complex spy devices."

I will seriously forever adore this show and the wonderful cast and crew, especially Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, for giving me (and the worldwide fandom) such a wonderful finale. And thank you, NBC, for letting them go out with a bang!


  1. My brother watches this show, and because you're apparently so in love with it, I am now thinking of watching, too!! :)

    Anyway, nakakarelate ako dun sa sinabi mo na they're not just tv shows. I, too, end up Googling things after the shows I watch, maybe to see if there is also someone out there like me who's just as obsessed. :) hehe!

  2. Yes, you should watch it!! I think you will enjoy it :)