Saturday, January 28, 2012

Too much TV!

Last Wednesday felt like a summer day since I spent almost the whole day watching TV. Well, watching TV on my computer to be exact. My classes that day ended up being suspended because of Velada Tomasina in UST so I just stayed at home. I know, it's so KJ of me to not attend the program but I had been feeling sick since Tuesday night. So what do you do when you're sick and can't go outside? Curl up in bed and watch your favorite shows, of course!

I ended up finishing Friends season 3 and I also watched episodes of my Tuesday guilty-pleasures. Yes, I have shows to watch every day of the week, except for Monday.

My Tuesday shows include:
Gossip Girl - Season 5 is easily becoming one of my favorites, and one of the best, too, with lots of the drama having much more depth.

Pretty Little Liars - One of my favorites!!! There's nothing else to say, really.

Hart of Dixie - This will probably be my new "One Tree Hill' just because it's starting to make me cry in every episode, just like OTH (yes, I think it was either season 7 or 8, maybe both, where I cried a lot while watching consecutive episodes). Also, Rachel Bilson is fantastic as her character, Dr. Zoe Hart!

Wednesday shows:
Glee - The show is starting to feel like how it was in the first season, and I'm liking how it's now more focused on character development (e.g. Harry Shum Jr.'s Mike Chang, Naya Rivera's Santana). Of course I love the music that has been featured this season. Very much looking forward to the "Michael" episode this coming week! Ships: Klaine, Finchel, Wemma

New Girl - Funny enough to keep me watching. Besides, Zooey Deschanel is always enjoyable to watch.

Thursday shows:
One Tree Hill - As I mentioned earlier, OTH is ending soon and this last season is only making me crazier and crazier with every episode!!

Modern Family - Hilarious! Brilliant cast! They definitely deserve all the awards!!

Friday (aka Supernatural day) shows:
The Vampire Diaries - One of my favorites as well! Although the show's current pace is kind of slow. Favorite ship: Stelena!

The Secret Circle - Good witchy show! Kind of intense plotlines. I like it.

Saturday hit:
Chuck - Forever favorite!!! The last two episodes are waiting for me to watch them... Will spare myself from probably crying myself to sleep and watch them tomorrow instead.

Obviously, I watch too much TV. But I still have other ones in line that I'd like to start watching, too, including: How I Met Your Mother (I know, I'm probably the only person left in the world who isn't hooked with this show yet), The Big Bang Theory (same with this one), Once Upon A Time, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 2 Broke Girls, and Smash. I plan on starting with House and Grey's Anatomy, too, in the future.

Having friends that are as much of a TV addict as me makes it much more enjoyable to watch these shows. Not only do we have the same taste in music, we also like the same shows. So you can expect that our daily conversations revolve around 2 things: music charts and what happened in the latest episode of our favorite TV show of the day.

What shows are you currently watching? :)

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