Saturday, November 7, 2009

At the end of the day...

Okay, so I just finished watching both Rihanna and Chris Brown's interviews on 20/20 and MTV News, respectively, and I just gotta say that after doing so I'm still on the same page as where I have been before. I say all of this with a broad outlook on why these things are being said and why now.

Rihanna, she is simply one heck of a strong woman and good role model for saying what she had to say. That's already a given. I won't take all these hating towards her going into details, saying these not so nice things about Chris, because the way I see it, she's just answering the questions truthfully. Even if people think that she only said certain things because it's "what people wanted to hear," you have got to admit that she's a smart, mature and strong person being at the age of 21, just reaching the stage of adulthood.

Me, as a fan, I simply have a lot more respect towards her for doing what she thought she had to do and finally starting to put this episode behind her and continue on with what's more important, which is her music, by talking about what happened and her thoughts about it and just opening up to the world. I mean, I've always respected her, obviously, but seeing as how grave the impact the event had had on her, I see her now as more of a mature artist, a stronger person, instead of that 19-year-old good-girl-gone-bad singer who sang about an umbrella which made her recognizable to the whole world. She has grown so much all throughout this experience and for her to be owning up to how she is looked upon, as a role model to young teen girls, I just love her even more for that.

On Chris Brown's part, I look at him now thinking that he, too, has grown from what he has experienced in the past several months and I respect him for owning up to what he did and taking action and now, learning himself on how to become a better person, a better man first and foremost not for anyone but himself. I do think that he will eventually reach that point in his life in the future where he'll think he has changed, he has become a better person and left that bit of himself that did the bad things behind and let it all go.

So, that's how I see things regarding the situation. At the end of the day, no matter what they say to each other, no matter what people say or think, I still support them both in their careers. After all, I knew of the name Chris Brown and Rihanna first and foremost because of their music. I hope to see you all at the nearest record store on November 23rd (for Rihanna's Rated R) and December 8th (for Chris' Graffiti). ;)

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