Monday, November 9, 2009

Just the way you look tonight

I'm in music heaven. <3 Just when I thought I have heard every amazing song in the world comes Maroon 5's rendition of Frank Sinatra's classic ballad "The Way You Look Tonight." I was inch by inch melting as I was hearing this on the radio and when I found out a bit later that it was Adam Levine on the vocals, I just melted away and dripped on the floor. LOL. But srsly, this is a big deal for me. I love this song with all my heart that it may be my wedding song. You see, my dad is a singer. He used to sing at clubs way back when. But even though he only sings in front of the karaoke now, he still has his golden voice. And this song is his song. He sings it to my mom. He sang it at my brother's wedding. He sings it to me. So when I heard this very very nice cover of Maroon 5, I flipped. My dad was there with me listening to the radio, and yes, he was singing along all the while mentioning that if he had that kind of accompaniment on Maroon 5's version, which is a 30 piece orchestra, he would sing the song flawlessly. Heart. I'm swooning right now, really. I love you, Adam. But most of all, I love you, Papa. :)

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