Monday, April 5, 2010


I didn't make such a big deal out of getting a haircut like, ever. Well, that was until yesterday when I finally had my hair cut to shoulder-length. Finally.

Someone on Twitter asked if it was a big step for me (after complimenting how good it looks /blush) and I was nodding mad crazy while typing my reply as if she could see me. And it was, really. I've always worn my hair long ever since I can imagine, well, ever since it grew long and I never had a major cut like this before so, yes, it was kind of a big deal for me. It was as well for my friends since most of them have been bugging me to try and cut it off for the past couple of years, more or less. So when I finally did, I sent them all text messages saying that I finally cut my hair short. Of course, they all asked for a picture. So I plastered my face on Facebook and tagged them. (Wala nang hiya, bagong gupit naman ako eh! HAHAHA)

I'm glad a lot of people like the "new look". :) It made it much easier not to miss my long locks. Hehe. And I gotta say, my head feels loads lighter than before, so I think I'd wear my hair short for a while. And besides, it's summer here in MNL! Yan ang beach-ready na hairstyle!

(P.S. Sorry for this self-gratuitous post! Minsan lang naman, pagbigyan na hehehe!!)

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