Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Original Idol

Now I know who I used to go gaga over before Rihanna.

Kelly Clarkson.

I mean, I still love her, hence this blog, but back in the day when I was about 9 or 10, I was crazy about Kelly. Fo shizzle. I never got to watch American Idol then when she was competing but I fell madly in love with "A Moment Like This" when it was released. I loved her too much then that I made my brother's girlfriend buy me her debut album the first time they took me out to a movie. Told ya I was crazy for KC.

Now this little rant all boils down to this:

You see the date? It's less than a month from now. I have less than a month to get a hold of P4,500 for Upper Box A tickets. I don't know how I will do that yet. Maybe I can blackmail/charm my brother into giving me at least half of the price or I can actually get a summer job to earn it.

So, my master plan right now is to convince mother and father to let me take a summer job, preferably where mother works, because the person who owns the business is a family friend, therefore, there's a bigger chance of me getting hired and actually getting paid a reasonable amount, holla! (Wow, that's a really long sentence. I use commas a lot, don't I?)

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