Sunday, May 23, 2010

Doesn't matter how far apart we are now, you can add up all the miles in between

I see you standing there smiling at me
And I'm right back at the beginning
Lost inside these memories
I won't ever let go, all that I want to hold onto

That we belong together
Like the moon and stars and midnight
We'll be strong forever
'Cause we belong together


  1. This song! I love this song! I saw this post of yours in tumblr but it wasn't playing :( Haha! I love Michelle Branch so much I can't even... LOL

    Hm, I remember doing a graphic shenanigans with a lyric from this song. Wait, I'll find it. :> Here... Yay, share lang. :)

    Hi Ate Mayeeeeeeeeeeeeelovelovelove <3

  2. Yeah, sorry about that, apparently my hosting site has problems with playback :|

    I like that! :) I actually like the song already for the fact that it's Michelle Branch but I loved it more since it's OST to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 which is one of my favorite movies and it just tells how I feel about my girlfriends. Hehehe. :)