Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things money can't buy: Birthday Edition

#1 Fun times with good friends

Wednesday, May 26

My actual birthday. The night before I wholeheartedly spent watching the 2-hour season finale of Chuck until maybe 2 in the morning. That day, I met up with two of my girls who I haven't seen in forever (!!) at Trinoma. We were supposed to watch The Last Song but we decided on Shrek Forever After instead. It was hilarious! After the movie I treated them to some yummy ice cream and then we went on our way to my house in time to catch Glee's GaGa episode. It was so much fun being able to hang out with them again after a really long time. And I love the fact it's always like nothing has changed since the last time we talked to/saw each other. There's nothing like quality time spent with your best friends. :)

#2 The most funny and random conversations
shared over good food

Friday, May 28

Went on a date with my brother's gf, Ate Jaymee. She took me out to the movies and we watched the hot and sexy Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia at MOA. After spending the whole afternoon just roaming around the mall, we took a ride to Cubao and ended up in Gateway where we had dinner at Burgoo. We practically went around Manila, Makati and Quezon City in less than a day. (Which is probably why even though I already woke up at lunchtime today I still was feeling sleepy.)

But even though it was hella tiring, I absolutely enjoyed the day. There was a teeny tiny bit of that night that I could have done without, though. I so did not expect to be surprised with a Happy Birthday song from the waiters. It was a total set-up. See, there was this other group who has their friend celebrating her birthday there at the restaurant and they did the birthday singing for her first. I was talking to Ate Jaymee about how embarrassing that would be if it happened to me and I guess that's where she got the idea of doing it to me lol. You should have seen my initial reaction. No, actually, erase that. There was no initial reaction because I couldn't process what was happening in that moment. It was so funny to me. LOL. If there was a video of that, it would have gone viral by now. Hahahaha, kidding. :))

Hey, at least I got a complimentary birthday ice cream! ;)

Note: As you can see, I've started this "things money can't buy" list which I came up with randomly while thinking of how to share what I did for my birthday (as you have read). As of now I don't really have any idea how many things I actually want to list, or how often I would post entries like this. Let's leave that subject matter for next time.


  1. Birthday pizza from you and Candice in June! Hahahaha.

    Glad you had a blast! Happy 19th! :)

  2. Ate Mayee! Belated Happy Birthday! :D

    PS: I love the "things money can't buy" tag Haha!

  3. @Romina Hahaha sure! :)) Can you email me your sched or maybe message me on Facebook? :)
    Anyway, thanks so much!

    @Frances Thank you!! :D

  4. Belated happy birthday ate mayee! :D :D :D

    This post is awesome! Can't wait to read more from this tag. ;)