Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Those are the days I don't need remembering

I think I now know why I stopped listening to OPM. It's ironic because you know what actually made me realize it? A song from South Border. Freaking South Border who sang that song from... I won't even mention it because then I'd start thinking about it and eventually, I would end up thinking about the past, which is contrary to what this post is about. You know what, actually, it just may be the opposite of that. Now I'm starting to confuse myself.

Anyway, aside from the fact & the main reason, really, that I lost my previous music due to our old computer breaking down, I stopped listening to and caring about OPM because they can directly translate my emotions on paper. And they make me cry a lot, or at least, they used to. I didn't realize that until I felt the same feeling when I heard Wherever You Are by Southborder on TV. It wasn't intentional, it was just there when I tuned in. And it totally just clicked in my head. Even if I wanted to, I didn't dare YouTube or Google the song anymore because I just know that it would be a slide downhill from there on which I don't want to happen.

And then I saw this:

Coincidental much? I think so. Now you know what this post is really about.

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