Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No day but today

Today I spent my afternoon watching a couple of movies while lying on my bed (thank you to whoever invented the portable DVD player and thanks to my brother who was so kind to buy me one) with a mug of cold chocolate in hand. My first movie choice? Rent.

I know I was familiar with the musical but I didn't realize how really familiar I was with it until I watched the movie. I can sing the choruses to almost all the songs even though it's my first time seeing it and I haven't seen the live musical either. It's one of my brothers' fault, really. I've said it more than a few times already that I grew up listening to different kinds of music since my dad and my brothers just totally love music and so, I ended up being influenced by that. (Although, I am not as musical as one would expect because I'm too lazy, I admit that. Boo me.) Anyway, my brother would just listen all day and all afternoon to various musical soundtracks like Moulin Rouge and yes, Rent. I wasn't old enough yet to know what I was singing about but I was already singing to "Seasons of Love" then. And I can remember hearing "Tango Maureen" and its familiar beat and the recurring lines from "I Should Tell You" like it was yesterday. Oh, how I miss those days when my brother still lived with us and we'd randomly break out into sing-alongs like crazy people. I'm looking forward to the next time he comes home. Maybe I'll ask him to watch Rent with me and we'll sing all the songs together. :)

I don't know exactly how to end this post. I guess I'll just leave you with this favorite from the Rent soundtrack:

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