Thursday, July 8, 2010


I’m sick and I’ve never been this sick in a long time. I was able to survive the summer heat without cough and colds but now, my system finally caught the virus. I don’t think this would go away soon because of the crazy weather we have. It’s literally hot and cold…and then hot again. I feel really under the weather and I’m too lazy to do anything, which at this point is definitely not a good thing. Since school is already starting to give me burden, I can’t afford to just lay here and just forget the world… (Yeah, Snow Patrol.)

Anyway, it’s Usher’s concert tomorrow and my friend really wants to go but he doesn’t have anyone to go with him. I was joking with him today in class that I already have money to buy a ticket for the show and his face lit up immediately. Too bad I was really just joking. And too bad I’m feeling under the weather because if not, he might have convinced me to go. If only Mother Nature would give me a day or two of just cloudy weather, but no, I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna happen. I’m gonna have to live with my cough and colds for a little while. :(

How I wish it’s Saturday already!!!!

P.S. I'm gonna watch the new Pretty Little Liars to lift my spirits a bit. It's my new guilty pleasure. ;)

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