Monday, November 29, 2010


It's going to be December in just two days. Where does the time go, seriously? And what have I been doing this first month of my semester? It's like I want to scold myself for being so happy-go-lucky when I should really be worrying about what my thesis topic would be. But I know myself well enough to know that when I really need to get work, I get to work and try my very best to focus. I don't like that I can't get it out of my system to be such a crammer but hey, I'm only human.

So, really, what have I been doing these past few weeks? Well, for one, I just spent my long weekend in front of the computer only getting up to eat, go to the bathroom and sleep. Typical me. I watched Easy A and Charlie St. Cloud the other day, which are both good movies in their own ways (namely Penn Badgley & Zac Efron, respectively). Now I just finished watching Beyonce's I Am... World Tour special and I'm still not over it as I'm listening to the audio (Now Playing: Hello). Yes, aside from going to and coming from school, with lots of learning in between, of course, I'm still same old me who's life isn't complete without music. On Friday night I was up until almost 2 in the morning just obsessing with Rihanna, watching her tour videos. If someone would pay me for obsessing with music and all related topics, I'd be rich by now. But no, that's not how life goes. Speaking of, I'm really trying hard to be thrifty in order to save money for Taylor Swift's concert in February. See? I guess I should look for a job in the future that would include "Pop Culture Knowledge" in the job description. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I just remembered I haven't really blogged about HP7 yet, have I? I tried writing a draft post a couple days ago but I just ended up deleting it. Let me get to that later or maybe tomorrow.

For now let me just leave you with my new favorite quote that I picked up from Charlie St. Cloud:

Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward. -E.E. Cummings


  1. Hi! Just bloghopping =) i just watched Charlie St. Cloud too a few days ago... i find it nice :)

    anyway, I hope you don't mind a link exchange?? :)

  2. Hi Hazel! Thanks for dropping by! Sure, I don't mind at all. :)