Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ignite the light and let it shine

Yesterday I was feeling somewhat nostalgic and I started missing Katy Perry (just goes to show how I attached I get with my favorite music, soon there's going to be a Rihanna post as well, I assure you) that I started watching all of her old video blogs again. I love watching those v-logs, vlogs or whatever... (I apologize for sounding like a creep though.)

And today I was on YouTube searching for her old performances. These are really old like 2 years ago old and it's a new artist showcase show so it's probably like one of her first shows. I remember watching these like eons ago. It feels so long ago but it's only been a couple of years. Later we'll get to the more recent stuff, don't worry... :)

I miss the acoustic Katy more than anything. I remember watching her perform live and I flipped out the most during the acoustic part of the show with Thinking of You & Mannequin. Katy + her guitar = my weakness, basically. I remember her saying she wants to do an acoustic album someday so I hope that will come to life in the future.

So now, onto the more recent stuff... Firework! I adore that song <3 Like what I told my friend, it's so GV-inducing (for a lack of a better term). Just realizing how far she's come and all the things she has achieved in the past couple years makes me so happy. From the homemade vlogs to Firework, it just makes me grateful to come to know her music. Yeah I know, I'm such a fangirl. But what can I say, I love Katy! :)

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  1. i love firework! it's a nice song. love the lyrics. the video's a little weird though. lol