Friday, February 4, 2011

Being a 3rd year college student

This week was so stressful in so many levels.

We still don't have our thesis topic fully approved so I'm worrying about that since it's already February. Besides thesis, we also have our SAD case study to work on in which our defense will be on the 24th, but a week prior to that will be a mock defense. Then add to that all the other subjects I am taking which are little pains in the bum as well. All of that will possibly equate to my brain exploding any moment of the coming weeks.

"Hi, I'm Mayee, and "Stress" is my middle name."

That will be my catchphrase until I can finally say that it is all over and I can just prop my feet up and relax. Until then, please God, give me more than enough strength, physically and mentally, as well as patience and perseverance to get through the rest of this school year.

On a happier note, today was the opening of the Engineering Week in UST and we had the annual parade. After that was the "Open House: Flavors of the World" which was a kind of salu-salo for all the Engineering students. I only had the chance to taste the Mexican "flavor" which is simply two tacos. Imagine 7,000 people waiting in line and getting crowded in one place in need of food. I am already thankful for being able to eat tacos.

Classes were suspended already so after we ate, we stayed at the classroom only to take pictures.

It was fun sharing smiles and laughter with my classmates even though we all ended up being tired after all the effort of taking so many photos.

So anyway, I better hit the hay. I tweeted I was going to start reading a new book but I'm reluctant to do so because of the busy weeks ahead of me and I just might end up not finishing it so I decided to just blog. I am very much looking forward to reading again soon though. Add me on Goodreads to see books on my to-read list. :)

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