Thursday, May 12, 2011

1 Tree Hill

There's nothing like spending the evening after work watching your favorite show. I've been shedding tears from seeing the latest episode of One Tree Hill. I don't know, it feels like they're starting to say goodbye. With the River Court in danger of being turned into a site of condominiums and the old Karen's Cafe turned Clothes Over Bros. opening up as a new Karen's Cafe owned by Haley and Brooke, I just couldn't help but feel nostalgic along with the gang. Oh, and not to mention Brooke finally getting the happy ending she totally deserves!

I never really started watching the show from its first season. I only started to catch it on TV during the latter part of its third one, but having been watching it religiously and never missing an episode since then, I eventually had a vivid picture of what happened during those seasons that I missed. One major thing that makes the show wonderful is actually the flashbacks, it's one of the things I love the most about it.

I know it has been eight glorious years since viewers first set foot upon Tree Hill but to be perfectly honest, I want it to go on forever. I want to see Haley, and Nathan grow old still together. I want Brooke and Julian to have more babies. I want to see Jamie all-grown up taking care of her little sister.

The show may seem like they're ready to say goodbye but the actors (Sophia Bush, Stephen Colletti) still want to pursue another season, a fitting farewell to the loyal viewers (like me). I think it's a great idea to simply get a glimpse of how their lives would pan out in the long run, to have that assurance that they would all "live happily ever after." That's all we really want, isn't it? Because seeing it happen, even just on TV screens, gives us that glint of hope that we have a chance to live happily, too.

Here's to hoping that One Tree Hill will get picked up for another season! Now I leave you with the show's theme song "I Don't Wanna Be" sung by Kate Voegele, one of the many artists whose career was launched on the show.

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