Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nicole Andersson

Last night I decided to check out Saabmarine TeleRadyo (via Ustream) hosted by Saab Magalona and RA Rivera just because I have nothing better to do on a late Monday night. One of the guests they had was Nicole Andersson, daughter of local actress and beauty queen, Jean Saburit. She left showbiz to study in the States and now she's back in the country after graduating from college last year.

I had no idea that she has such a great personality!! She's so full of stories, which I like. After telling one of her funny encounters, Saab said something like the reason she liked hanging out with Nicole was because she always has these amazing stories/experiences that seem to happen only to her. Of course, that fascinated me. I immediately wanted to be friends with her. What I like about her the most, though, is that she stays true to herself, being the kwela girl that she is. I enjoyed watching her and Saab rap songs by Nicki Minaj and Drake. She even sung "What's My Name" including Drake's rap and because of that, I hit it off with her instantly haha. Highlight of the night was when she retweeted me on Twitter and then read my message on Skype. :)

Now I'm here friending her on Facebook and backreading her blogspot after backreading her tumblr blog. Yeah, I stalk people I like on the internet, that's how I roll. Hahaha! No, I just want to get to know them, maybe find out if we like the same music, those kinds of things. Besides, there's nothing that interests me more than a person who blogs since I love reading about people's different experiences.

You should check out her blog at nicoleandersson.tumblr.com and read about her escapades and whatnot. Follow her on Twitter, too: @nicoleandersson.

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