Monday, May 16, 2011

Positive outcomes only!

I don't get people who seem to be pessimistic even about the simple things. Like, how can they not have the slightest bit of positivity when they are obviously well and alive at the moment?

Realizing this made me think about our thesis. I'm almost done with my OJT (I've only got a week to go) and the next big thing I need to face before I graduate is Thesis 2 and lately I've been kind of allowing my pessimism to take over. In general I'm a very optimistic person but knowing what we've been through in Thesis 1, I couldn't help but succumb to the negativity. But I know there will always be light at the end of the tunnel...

And that is why after my OJT I will start looking into our thesis and figure out how we're gonna build it from the ground (not literally, of course, hehe). I believe my groupmates and I will be able to do this. Maybe some challenges will present themselves along the way but despite them, we can accomplish this if we set our heart and minds to it and have faith. Having strong faith goes a long way in this lifetime so why not arm ourselves with a chock-full of faith in times of hardship?

I hope that we all succeed in our own endeavors, whatever they may be!

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