Monday, June 20, 2011

Lady GaGa - The Edge of Glory

This song has been out for a while but I've only took notice just now. The thing with me and pop music is that when it gets too much attention, I stay away from it as much as possible until the time the hype dies down. And there's nothing or no one in the music industry right now who gets more attention than Lady GaGa herself. I heard many people were disappointed with the song's music video so I finally decided to watch it and guess what? I actually liked the simplicity of it. The song is already a big production by itself, which I love, so I kind of get wanting to have a subtle video to even it out. I also liked that she and saxophonist Clarence Clemons were the only ones who appeared in the video.

I recently heard that Clemons (The E Street Band) died on Saturday upon suffering a stroke about a week ago. Aside from working on this song with GaGa, he also performed on another song from Born This Way, called "Hair." This kind of gives the song a deeper sense of backstory apart from the fact that the song's lyrical inspiration came from the death of GaGa's grandfather, its description being "your last moment on earth, the moment of truth."

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