Sunday, June 26, 2011

New blogs to read!

Well, they're not really new, more like newly discovered. I've been browsing through a lot of pages on the WWW lately and I found these blogs that will definitely be bookmarked:

1. A Woman Reading

From the most recent post on this blog, you probably have a sense of how I discovered it. Rihanna actually retweeted a link to the blog post regarding her latest music video, Man Down, so of course being both a blog reader and a Rihanna fan, I clicked the link and thoroughly enjoyed what the writer had to say. You might be wondering why she was featured on a book blog. Well, this specific post entitled "Is Rihanna The New Face of Girl Power?" talks about being victimized by male dominance and choosing to turn away from being categorized as a victim and instead, developing into a strong, if not much stronger, and independent woman. She related this with a novel entitled The Botticelli Secret.

Being a book lover, I thought to myself, "I think I just found my new favorite book blog!" The writer not only posts reviews of books she has read, which is mostly novels centered on women, but also shares her love of food and travel. She is currently working on a chick lit novel according to her Goodreads page.

Yes, she's the Bethany Joy Galeotti who plays Haley James-Scott from One Tree Hill. I actually found her blog months ago but I only recently took notice of her posts which are mostly about her personal opinions regarding socio-political matters, sharing her personal causes, and her love for vintage anything. She also sometimes shares beauty tips (like what products she uses to take care of her skin). And of course there are recipes that are bound to pop up now and then since the Galeottis own a family restaurant.

3. Also, there are a couple of Filipino food blogs that I found, Food Trippings and Food Trip Tayo!, which will serve as a guide for me whenever I want to try something new to eat.

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading these blogs, too! :)

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