Saturday, August 20, 2011

It will always get better

These past couple of days haven't been very good to me. I've been feeling down lately and all these other emotions just keep running though me basically like the weather here in Manila. One minute it's sunny, and the next it starts to get gloomy, so I really am not sure if this is somehow a factor to my mood swings, or if it's only PMS. I don't know.

Anyway, so one unlucky thing to happen to me was yesterday when my phone (Nokia C3) got locked. I think it's a glitch with the unit because when I searched about it I saw that many had experienced the same problem. I turned on the security code because I've been writing a lot of personal stuff on my Notes, so then, I changed it from the default one. At first I was able to unlock it with the new code but when I was trying later on, it always gave me a code error. That might be the glitch because I'm pretty sure I'm entering the correct code. I haven't had time to have it reset so I guess I'll need to borrow my mother's old phone because I can't simply function without one, even though I don't text that much anymore compared when I was in high school.

And let's not even start with today... I won't tell the "story" anymore, I'll just say that I had a moment when I had to talk myself into not giving in to the crappy day that I was having. Thank God I got through today. I guess it was just one of those days...

I'll just start thinking about school stuff tomorrow and try to enjoy the rest of the night with music from Rihanna & Beyonce in the background (they're all I've been listening to this past week). I might watch a couple episodes of Modern Family, since I just started with season 1 last Friday, I still have a lot to catch up on.

Despite having these bad days, I know that it gets better. If not now, then soon. :)

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