Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Dreams make me smile, especially the types that happen so randomly. I know dreams stem from things we think about unconciously. These stuff we don't really mull over while we're awake so they make their way into our subconcious. I've had a couple good ones at the start of the week.

The first one was something I regularly daydream about but I haven't really been thinking about lately. I was with my friend at this bazaar place and then there was Rihanna standing in front of a stall. I was obviously freaked out (in a good way, of course!) since I've been wanting to meet her forever. So I went and approached her. I can't remember what I said, I think I asked for an autograph and then when she left, I had the silliest smile on my face. And then as my friend and I were walking, we saw her again, this time she was taking a picture with another fan. I remembered I didn't take a picture with her so I approached her for a second time and asked for a picture. When I was already walking away, I seemed to have stepped on her foot. How random right?! After that I woke up already so I didn't know what was her reaction. Haha.

The second was last night's dream which was about two things combined. Two things I have been anticipating: thesis and Pottermore. I don't know how or why those two were in my dream together but I'm pretty sure of what my subconcious is trying to tell me... "Neither can live while the other survives." HAHAHAHA. Since I read somewhere that in the next couple of weeks, owls will already start arriving for those succesful registrants to early access on Pottermore, I have been checking my e-mail everyday hoping to get some clue telling me when I can begin my journey. But it seems I have to put all things Pottermore at the back of my mind, at least until I can say that we're moving on with our thesis. We only have approximately a month and a couple of weeks before our final defense and we seem to be slacking. Well, this week, at least we have an excuse to not worry about it since it is our prelim exam week. It's starting to invade my dreams so that must mean something...

I'm not the only one dreaming about things concerning myself, though. Mind you, I find it really funny. I have one online friend (whom I knew from a Lady GaGa fan forum) who told me he dreamt about me, that I visited him at his house with my mom and that I brought him some goodies from here. You'd think that's already as random as it can get but wait, there's more... He lives in Croatia. Yes, you read it right. Now that's really totally out of the box.

Lastly, my friend/classmate sent me a text this morning that he dreamt I was promoting my new book on Ellen's show! Like, wow, I mean, can these dreams get anymore amazing?!? The funny thing in this dream was the little detail, my friend said I was even telling Ellen that I'm very close with this friend of ours. So we arrive at a conclusion that that certain friend is also well-known in that other dimension since I seemed very eager to name-drop him. Hehe.

I love having dreams, but no nightmares, please. I've also had my fair share of those and they are bloody dreadful. Hopefully, no bad vibes will soon come my way so I'll continue to have sweet dreams.

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