Monday, January 9, 2012

Alyssa Bernal - Hey Love

I'm sure I've featured Alyssa Bernal on some of my previous Music Monday posts but this is the first time that the song is her own. Her debut album "Love Hangover" came out late last year under Star Trak/Interscope Records. I've been following her on YouTube since early 2010, I think, but she's been posting her videos since 2006 so it's really nice to see that her dreams are finally coming true.

"Hey Love" is one of her early original songs that made the cut on her debut album, which I'm totally happy about because I am in love with this song. It has such a nice message. And you know that I'm a lyrics person.

Verse 1
Hey love, don't look so down, I'm sure 
In time you'll find
What you've been longing for
Hey love, what's with the long faces, I know, 
You're probably feeling jaded
Like love has faded away

Don't think for a second
That you have anything to do with this

So keep your eyes off the hands of the clock
Don't be so quick to fall in love, no, no
Cause girl you're one of a kind no worries (don't you worry)
Cause your dreams will soon be reality

Verse 2
Hey you, I know it's been quite rough but your luck 
Will eventually change, and you will love again
Oh darling, don't let it get you down
Cause somewhere around
Your true love will come around, oh yeah

If you want to watch the original video she posted singing this song for the first time (back when it didn't even have a title yet), click here (jump to 1:01).

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