Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just close your eyes, the sun is going down

So a week has already passed in 2012 and I think I started on the right track. I have been trying out this new mantra ever since I got back to school: "Stay positive and don't mind the negative, never let people get to you." And it seems to be quite working. It's still a struggle sometimes but I eventually block out all the negativity and replace them with positive energy to get me going and working, especially these days when I have so many deadlines to meet regarding schoolworks.

I've already mentioned probably several times before how I overthink things and this is one of my personal characteristics which I want to somehow change. I want to be overthinking important things (e.g. life decisions), not what people around me are saying or doing so I'm learning to pay no mind to stuff that don't specifically concern me. Obviously, it's still an ongoing process... Change doesn't really happen overnight.

Speaking of an ongoing process, I'm starting to gain back my kasipagan in studying for these last 3 months of my student life. It was a wake up call of sorts for me when one of my professors told the class that because we're graduating students, we should be working harder instead of simply waiting away the time and being lenient with ourselves in accomplishing homeworks, projects, etc. because we can't be rest assured that professors like him will be at our mercy to give us a passing grade just because we're graduating. And I agree. This is the last chance for me to pull up my grades, especially because last semester, I had been less serious in my studies that I almost flunked a major subject. I feel like I let my hair down and ended up enjoying too much during the previous semester and forgot to act responsibly regarding important matters. This year, I shall claim to be the responsible person I know I am.

Hopefully I can say goodbye to bad vibes, laziness and drama altogether this year!! But good drama is always, always acceptable! You know how I love shedding happy tears.

And you know what else I want to say goodbye to? This boring layout of mine!! I will try and make this blog a fun one (posts included, of course!) after I'm done with everything I need to do!

May we wake up to a new morning and discover something new within ourselves everyday. :)

"Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound... "

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  1. Good luck to your studies love! graduating ka na pala! ang bilis ng panahon, parang kelan lang high school ka palang! hahaha! tumatanda na ako! :p