Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Singapore 2012: Resorts World Sentosa (Part 1)

One of the places we kept coming back to while in Singapore was Resorts World Sentosa for the obvious fact that one cannot simply go around the whole place within a single day.

On our first trip there, we went sweets shopping at Hershey's and Candylicious. I wanted to just grab all the candy and chocolates and live happily ever after! Haha!

Then we took photos in front of the Universal Studios globe! (Our actual USS trip was scheduled for another day)

We also headed to the Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium (MEMA)!

The MEMA houses a variety of exhibits like the Jewel of Muscat, a full-sized replica of a 9th-century dhow, which was a state gift from the Omani Government to Singapore.

There's also The Souk, which features different Asian cultures focusing on maritime trading. What's so fun about this museum was that there were a lot of interactive games to keep you interested!

Exhibit A: An interactive trading game

Exhibit B: An interactive game where you must take your ship to the finish line
but then a typhoon comes! :O

I was even able to make my own pottery! So cool! Obviously, we spent a large amount of time inside the MEMA. We didn't even notice the time passing by.

My own "Goblet of Fire"

Finally, there's this really cool attraction called the Typhoon Theatre!

Experience the wrath of the sea in the Typhoon Theatre, a 360-degree multimedia theatre that takes visitors on a perilous voyage on board a 9th-century Chinese junk.  Laden with cargo, the ship runs into a storm. The sea roars, the skies darken and the ship rolls, pitches, turns and finally sinks. At the end, the ship’s passengers find themselves in the depths of the ocean, up close with the shipwreck.

Not only was it a 360-degree experience, but it was also in 4D, so when the typhoon came, we felt the rain and the cold breeze! And by the time the ship has sunk, we didn't realize that we went down with it until my friend pointed out that the door in which we came in was already above us then (our marker was the exit sign on the door). It was really fun so if you decide to visit, I suggest that you buy a ticket inclusive of the Typhoon Theatre show!

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