Saturday, August 28, 2010

Long weekend!

It is unbelievably hot here in Manila today. I would go to the mall if only I wasn't too lazy to get out of the house and into the harsh sunlight. But no worries, there are plenty of chances to go out this weekend because it's going to be a long one! There will be no classes on Monday because it's a national holiday (National Heroes' Day).

I think I'm gonna spend this long weekend at home, though. I like it more that way because in the last two weeks, I have been busy with school projects and back-to-back seminars that I kind of miss having some alone time. My friends are going to have a sleepover tonight, actually, but I decided not to come since Saturdays are technically family time for us cause that's when we video chat with my brother and his family who lives in the US.

So, I am off to enjoy the next two full days with my bed, movies and a book. Yes, I'm going to start reading The Lovely Bones. Maybe in a little while, after I watch Taylor Swift's new music video, Mine... :)

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