Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Lovely Bones

Nobody notices when we leave. I mean, the moment when we really choose to go. At best you might feel, a whisper or the wave of a whisper, undulating down.

I just saw The Lovely Bones and a dream has solidified in me: I want to be in Susie Salmon's place after she died. I want to see how the world or my world will continue on living without me. I think that's the most curious part of the idea of dying. Of course we wouldn't know how it would go down unless we experience it firsthand. How would the people we love take it when we leave this world? Will we know their reactions? Will they still remember us after a long time?

I think that's why my concrete answer to the question am I afraid of dying is this: I'm not afraid of dying in itself but I'm afraid for the people and the life I will leave behind. Because I don't know what's going to happen afterwards. It's just nothingness right now. Pure uncertainty and nothingness.

And another thing, just like how Susie was able to see the "lovely bones" that had grown after she was gone, I would be a really happy soul if I would be sure that all the people I love would be okay, or better than okay, even when I'm gone.

Alright, alright, enough of that. Let me talk about the movie itself. I loved it, and maybe it's because I haven't read the book yet because from the comments I have read the movie is shit compared to the book. So now, my goal is to grab a copy of the book and sink my teeth into it. So, yeah, I think if you look at it as just a film and not compare it with the book, it's really a good film. It has a solid plot all throughout and it was just intense in some parts, which I really enjoyed. And can I just say that the girl who played Susie, her name is Saoirse Ronan, is soooo pretty. "You are beautiful, Susie Salmon," Ray Singh said. Yeah, I agree! Plus, she's really, really talented as well.

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